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Landing Your Next Financial Modeling Job Interview

Getting your foot in the door can be the most important step to getting your next financial modeling job. But how do you get in front of the people that do the hiring to show them you are the best person for the job?

Sending out resumes and waiting for a phone call is not how to get yourself a job. Today’s job market is highly competitive, especially within the field of financial modeling, and you have to make yourself stand out from the crowd. How aggressive you are with this is up to you.

One way to get the attention of a prospective employer is to call up a company of interest and ask them when a good time for you to come in and tell them about what you have to offer to their company. You may even chose to propose a date.

For a more subtle approach you can call up the company and inquire about potential openings in financial modeling, offering how your training and background would be a good fit. This can be an excellent way of facilitating a conversation with the company about what you have to offer without being too pushy.

Many financial modeling job seekers make the mistake of accepting the first no they hear as a final answer. However, if you are persistent and don’t take no for an answer, you will be surprised at how you can turn a no into a yes quickly and get that interview you are hoping for.

4 Qualities Every Financial Modeling Professional Needs

As a financial modeling professional, you will find that there are qualities that are helpful in order for you to do your job effectively.  If you want to be a successful financial modeling professional and be a leader within your organization, it is important to display or develop some of the important qualities that every financial modeling professional needs.

Go with your Gut – Education and experience are important to every financial modeling professional’s career success; however, your gut is just as important. You know your job, so trust your gut feeling when making decisions. No matter whether you are making a decision about a teammate, project, or meeting, sometimes it will simply come down to your gut on what the right decision is.

Trust Your People – You built a successful team of people to work with and now you need to trust them. Trusting your people says two things – one, that you feel confident in the decision you made to put your team together;  and two, that you trust the education and experience of your team to get their job done. Make yourself available for assistance and questions but do not micromanage your team. Give them a job to do and trust them to do it.

Don’t be Afraid to a Take a Chance – As a financial modeling professional, you will find that you will have many opportunities to make decisions.  Sometimes you will have to make a decision and take a chance. Don’t be afraid to take a chance and risk making a mistake. Mistakes are how we learn.  Sometimes taking a chance leads to mistakes but sometimes they lead to something great.

Set the Example – Your team will be looking at you to the set the example for job responsibilities as well as work ethic. If you expect your team to be at work by a specific time, don’t wander in later. If you expect that they will stay late to finish a project, you need to be willing to stay with them. Set the example of how you want your team to work and act you will get great results.

Developing the qualities that every financial modeling professional should have will help every financial modeling professional excel at their job and work toward that next career step.  As a financial modeling professional, you will likely be looking for that next promotion. Be sure to concentrate on the qualities that will help you be the best financial modeling professional you can be.

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