Financial Modeling Holiday Networking Tips

The holidays are an excellent time to do some networking. Whether you are looking for a new financial modeling job or not, keeping up with your contacts is important, in fact, vital to your career. The holidays provide many opportunities to network or build your contact list so be sure to use it to your advantage and move through the holidays wisely. Here are some ways to maximize the networking opportunities during the holidays.

Holiday parties – The holiday season is never short of parties. Whether you are attending a work party, a friend’s party, or hosting a holiday party of your own, you will find that these parties are an excellent time for networking. You can network with people you don’t know well in other departments, with new people you meet at a party, or invite people you have lost contact with on your contact list. This can be an excellent way to increase and refresh your contact list and keep your name and qualifications circulating as you search for your next financial modeling job.

Holiday cards – If you have some people on your networking list that you have lost contact with, or would like to get back in touch with but your aren’t sure how, the holidays are an excellent time to get going. Sending out a holiday card to those potential financial modeling contacts can be a great way to keep your name in circulation. It might not be the best time for you to mention that you are looking for a job but it does keep your name out there and on the minds of those you want to have your name in case you want to pursue some financial modeling networking in the new year.

Volunteer – Many people find the holidays an excellent time to give something back to their community.  When volunteering you may find the opportunity to network with other professionals within your community, which can be very advantageous as you proceed with your job search or your career. Many financial modeling professionals find that volunteering within the community gives them a networking opportunity.  Use your time wisely but remember what you are there for and do not just discuss work. You will find that establishing a real relationship with other professionals can be a bigger help than pushing for job leads.