Improve Your Communication Skills as a Financial Modeling Professional

As a financial modeling professional, like in almost all professions, you will spend your time communicating in some manner with employees, coworkers, superiors, and clients.  Therefore, having good and effective communication skills is imperative to your professional success.

There are many ways to become a good communicator; however, many require that you think about and develop your skills. Here are some things you can do to improve your communication skills as a financial modeling professional.

Listen –  Everyone knows it but many don’t practice it – listening! Listening is the key to thoroughly understanding what is being said and being able to effectively communicate as a financial modeling professional.  Instead of deciding what you are going to say next, interrupting, or judging what is being said, focus on what is being said to you and process it. Stop talking and start listening.

Tone – Your tone of voice can have a huge effect on your communication skills. It is also easier to ensure your tone is proper when communicating in person. With today’s inundation of electronic communication, your tone can easier be misunderstood. If you are relying on electronic media to relay your message, ensure your intended tone is clear.

Body language – Body language can tell a recipient the opposite of what you are saying. Be sure that you are saying the right things with your body language as well. It can also help you read a coworker or subordinate you are speaking with about an important project. As a financial modeling professional, it is important to pay attention to body language – yours and your employees.

Proofread – Proofreading is a very important part of ensuring you are communicating effectively.  Whether you are drafting a newsletter, email, or policy and procedure, ensuring you have proofread can help make certain that you are properly portraying what you want to say. In addition, not proofreading, even when the overall gist of the communication is clear, can show a lack of attention to detail and give a perception that you are not serious about what you are saying.

Highlight – When speaking with someone in person, a good thing to do is restate or highlight what your coworker or boss has said.  This shows that you were paying attention to the conversation as well as ensuring that you fully understand what was being communicated.  This practice will help you remember the conversation as well as help you stay focused when being spoken to.

Personalize – Personalizing a communication, whether it is in person or through an email, can help build trust between you and your employees.  To be a good financial modeling professional, you will need to establish a trust and get to know your people. Occasionally making it personal can show you are interested in more than just the bottom line.