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3 Things to Do Today to Increase Your Social Media Networking in Financial Modeling

Social media networking is a prevalent and legitimate market for financial modeling professionals today. If you are looking to find your first financial modeling job, move up in your field, or simply network within your field, social media networking is where it is at. Therefore, savvy financial modeling professionals need to understand social media networking and how to be effective when networking through social media. Following a few of these tips will help you navigate through social networking and help you be the most effective in its utilization.

1- Establish a Relationship – You don’t want to just connect with someone or see how many friends you can have, you want to establish a social media relationship with other financial modeling professionals. You want to provide meaning to the relationship by providing good feedback, advice, and assistance as well as asking for it. Don’t just take – remember to give to the relationship. Be online and active even when you are NOT looking for advice or your next financial modeling job. Create conversations in LinkedIn, join forums and discussions, tweet valuable advice on Twitter, and be professional and helpful on Facebook. Being present, engaged, and helpful can go a long way when it comes to social media networking.

2- Know Who to Know – Paying social attention to the right people is paramount in social networking. As a financial modeling professional, you will want to connect with companies and personnel within these companies that are important to you and your career. Do some research. Find out who is important to know at a company you wish to work for, or a company that is prominent within your area in financial modeling. It doesn’t take more than a Google search typically to find out who heads up the Human Resources department at a company and then you are able to search for them on LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Facebook. Seek them out. You don’t have to connect with them right away but you can begin interacting with them and in their circles or networks online to establish yourself. You can do this by providing information, opinions, research, and advice – make comments, retweet their tweets. Interaction is the key to get networking with those you want to know within your field.

3- Ask for Advice – People LOVE to give advice in most cases and the financial modeling field is no exception. Ask for advice from established professionals within the financial modeling field. Asking them for their advice shows them you value their opinion and look at them as an expert within the field. This will help you establish a solid relationship with this person and help you build your network. Additionally, it keeps you engaged. You can ask about your career path, a product or industry, degrees or financial modeling certifications that you are considering. The type of advice is not necessarily the key – it is the fact that you seeking advice and building your network and social media presence within the financial modeling field.

Financial modeling is no different than any other professional field today – social networking is a prominent way of connecting within the field. Whether you are new to the field or an established financial modeling, utilizing social medial networking can be the key to your success within your field.

3 Tips for Making Your Name in Financial Modeling

Whether you are looking for your first job, or switching your career focus to financial modeling, it is important to get your name out there in the financial modeling field.  Today, professionals have many ways to make a name for themselves within their field. Here are some tips:

Business cards – As a financial modeling profession, you will want to make yourself new business cards that market you in financial modeling. If you have a new job, make sure your cards sport your new title. If you are still looking for a job in the financial modeling field, having a business calling card with your new profession will help you during networking opportunities.

Social media – Social media can be a blessing to job seekers and all professionals when it comes to making a name for yourself and networking.  Network with others in your field, find mentors, and subscribe to professional organizations through social media. Linked In, Facebook, and Twitter all have great platforms to help you get your name associated with the financial modeling field.

Professional organizations – Joining a local group or organization that is popular with financial modeling professionals is an excellent way to network and market yourself within your profession. Attending monthly or quarterly meetings can help you see what is new within your profession as well as give you a way to network with other professionals. Even if you do not have a job in financial modeling, you can still join professional organization for financial modeling professionals to help you get your name out there that you are seeking employment.

Using one or any number of these ways to market yourself can help you make a name for yourself within the financial modeling profession.  Getting your name associated with your chosen career field is an excellent way to network or seek your next employment opportunity.

What Not to Do When Networking for a Financial Modeling Job

Networking is one of the best ways to find a job in today’s highly competitive job market. It is important to network to let people within the financial modeling field know you are looking for a job as well helping you find what is available. However, it is important to follow some networking etiquette when getting out there to ensure you do not upset your network of professionals. Some of the important things to remember when networking for a job include:

Don’t Just Use Your Contacts – Using your contacts simply for job leads is a way to lose your networking contacts. If you are looking for a financial modeling job, it is important to network; however, once you have a job, or before you are looking for a job, check in with your contacts, periodically see if you can so something for them. It is important for your contacts not to feel “used.”

Don’t’ Act Like They Owe You Something – Your contacts don’t owe you anything. Just because they work for a financial modeling company, and you are looking for a job in financial modeling, does not mean they owe you a lead or interview. Be grateful for any assistance or leads and do not act as if you are entitled.

Don’t Lie – Don’t lie to your contacts. Those you network with expect professional behavior and lying is not acceptable. Don’t lie about your work experience, the reason you left your last job, or your qualifications. Your contacts are trying to help you out. Be honest and forthright about what you can provide and what you are looking for.  This is the best way to establish and keep a professional networking relationship.

Don’t Forget to Say Thank You – Be certain that you show genuine gratitude for any assistance that a contact provides. Thanking your contacts shows that you care about the relationship and are appreciative for their support.

Having a strong, professional network is a great way to stay current in the field of financial modeling as well as find a job, should you finds yourself in the market for one.  However, whenever you are networking, it is important to remember that it is a two-way street. Following simple etiquette rules can help you establish and maintain a good networking relationship with your contacts.

3 Common Networking Mistakes in Financial Modeling

Networking is vital to your job search. If you are looking for a job or hoping to be looking for a job in the near future, it is imperative that you establish a good professional network.  However, when networking, there are misconceptions and mistakes that many job seekers make that need to be considered when trying to successfully network. Consider some of these common networking mistakes that financial modeling job seekers make that can hinder their chances of getting a job.

#1- Not Talking to Their Everyday Acquaintances– There are individuals that you encounter while going about your everyday life. Sometimes you don’t even realize who these people are except in a casual sense. You may know they have a 5 year old and they sit behind you in church or that they always order a Vanilla Latte on Tuesday morning but what these individuals do for a living has never come up. Though this is fine, what if one of them is the head of a human resources department at a company you are hoping to work? What if one of them has been looking for someone with just the skills that you happen to have? If you are a financial modeling job seeker, networking with these everyday acquaintances can be very important.

#2- Being Too Broad in their Networking – Most of us are too modest when networking. As a financial modeling job seeker you want to make certain you are not too broad when stating that you are looking for a job. Do not understate your skills or the fact that you are actively seeking a job. Don’t ask someone if they “know of anything,” ask them if they know of exactly what you are looking for. Being too broad and too passive will not make an individual feel compelled to help nor make you seem too serious in your job search.

#3- Using Social Media Only – Social media is a great way to network. Sites like Facebook and Twitter allow you to get the word out that you are seeking a job and Linked In is a professional networking source by definition. However, these are not the only ways to network and possibly not the best depending upon the type of job you are looking for.  Make sure that you do not solely network via social media. Don’t forget you have a phone and voice– use them.

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