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5 Ways to be Happier at Work in Financial Modeling

Financial modeling professionals spent over half their waking hours at work.  Therefore, it is important for them to be happy in the workplace.  Even if the job is stressful, it is imperative to find ways to be happy and stay happy at work.  Here are 5 ways to be happier at work in financial modeling.

1 – Socialize – You don’t have to be best friends with your co-workers, but, in order to be happier at work, a financial modeling professional should take some time to socialize with his co-workers.  Taking the time to get to know those that you work with, celebrate birthdays at work, lunching with teammates, or just chatting with others in the break room can make working together more fun.

2 – Set attainable goals – Everyone loves the feeling of achieving a goal.  Therefore, in financial modeling, it is important to set goals and work to achieve them. But, if you want to be happier at work, set attainable goals, even if you have to set several small goals, so that you can meet the goals.  Be sure to celebrate when you do reach your goals.

3 – Take advantage of benefits and perks – Many companies offer financial modeling professionals perks and benefits for working at their company. And, yes, we know you are a very busy financial modeling professional, but it is imperative to your career that you take the time to benefits from the perks and extras that the company provides. It can make your time at work more fun and give you something to look forward to as well as show your employer you are grateful for the benefits.

4 – Take a minute for yourself – Financial modeling can be a very hectic job. It is important to take a minute for yourself each day to ensure you have the best attitude and mind set to do your job to the best of your ability.  One of the best way for you to be happier at work is to know your personal lives are taken care and that you giving your job 100% when you are there.

5 – Ask for the schedule that suits your life – Today more and more financial modeling professionals are working a more flexible schedule that allows them the best work-life balance for their lives.  If you are working a schedule that isn’t the best for your home responsibilities, take the time to ask for a schedule adjustment that will help you balance your work and life commitments the best. You never know what you might get if you don’t ask and if you truly want to be happier at work you need to know you have done everything you can to make your work-life balance the best.

How Do I Become a Financial Modeling Professional?

If you are interested in becoming a financial modeling professional, there are a few things you need to know.  Like any profession you may be interested in, you will first want to make sure you understand what a financial modeling professional does.  You can do this one of many ways.  And you will probably want to check out everything you can to fully understand this new career path.

First, reading books to find out what financial modeling is all about and what they typically do for a job is helpful.  You will want to read as many books and articles as you can.  You can find books in your local library, as well as periodical that have to do with the industry.  You can also search online and read about the field and what a person who is a financial modeling professional does.

Next, you may want to find someone who is currently in financial modeling and talk to them.  If you know someone, then that’s where you want to start.  If you do not know anyone currently working as a financial modeling professional, you can search online for companies that employ financial modeling professionals or you can even try a local college.

It is important to remember that the job of a financial modeling professional is broad and many people in the field may specialize in a particular area.  You will want to research what niche areas are common to financial modeling and decide if one of those areas of expertise are more appealing to you.

Knowing as much as you can about the industry, including what kinds of work and educational requirements are common, is vital.  In order to get into a new field, having all the information you need to make you knowledgeable is the key to helping you find a job in your desired field as a financial modeling professional.

Landing Your Next Financial Modeling Job Interview

Getting your foot in the door can be the most important step to getting your next financial modeling job. But how do you get in front of the people that do the hiring to show them you are the best person for the job?

Sending out resumes and waiting for a phone call is not how to get yourself a job. Today’s job market is highly competitive, especially within the field of financial modeling, and you have to make yourself stand out from the crowd. How aggressive you are with this is up to you.

One way to get the attention of a prospective employer is to call up a company of interest and ask them when a good time for you to come in and tell them about what you have to offer to their company. You may even chose to propose a date.

For a more subtle approach you can call up the company and inquire about potential openings in financial modeling, offering how your training and background would be a good fit. This can be an excellent way of facilitating a conversation with the company about what you have to offer without being too pushy.

Many financial modeling job seekers make the mistake of accepting the first no they hear as a final answer. However, if you are persistent and don’t take no for an answer, you will be surprised at how you can turn a no into a yes quickly and get that interview you are hoping for.

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