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Getting Into the Financial Modeling Industry

Starting out in the financial modeling industry can take some time. If you are looking to find a job in the financial modeling field, whether you are looking for your first job, or hoping to change professions, you will want to consider a few things as you begin your search.

Customize your resume – It is important to have a good resume that is customized to the job for which you are applying. This means that you will want to have your resume highlighting your education, experience, and skills that pertain to financial modeling. Including information that is not relevant to the job can only chance that your resume will be ignored.

Network – Networking can be the key to landing that dream financial modeling job. Even if you do not have many networking contacts in financial modeling, you may find that your network can get the “word out” that you are looking for a job. Getting your card out, and the word out, that you are looking for a financial modeling job could be a good step to find a job.

Prepare for your interview – It is vital that you are prepared for your financial modeling job interview. That means that, once you have been scheduled for an interview, you will want to find out all you can about the company and the job for which you are interviewing to ensure you are prepared and confident during your job interview. Being prepared will help your interview be successful.

Though there are many ways to get yourself into the financial modeling field, getting your name and information out there may be the first step to ensuring you are interviewing for good jobs. Doing these three things can help you be on your way to landing your next, or first, financial modeling job.

If I have a degree in liberal arts, can I still work in financial modeling?

Financial ModelingQuestion: If I have a degree in liberal arts, can I still work in financial modeling?

Answer: Yes. Wall Street is filled with highly successful Liberal Arts majors that are in top positions doing financial modeling. Not that you can jump right in with a liberal arts degree. What you will need to do is either get an MBA (online or offline) or take courses in accounting, finance, excel and financial modeling. In those courses, make sure you do as much financial modeling as you can – practice speaks for itself when you are in an interview. If you have done just one model, employers may be a little wary, but if you have done many and can talk fluidly about the pros and cons of one versus another, they will get the confidence that you have what it takes to be a successful financial modeler, and will see your liberal arts background as an asset that would give you fresh new perspectives and good communication and soft skills that are also very important in becoming a good financial modeler.

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How to Get Into the Financial Modeling Industry

Whether you are just finishing your degree or changing fields, if you are looking to get into the financial modeling industry, there
are a few tips you will want to consider.

First, having your resume in order is vital.  Having an outdated resume or having a resume that does not highlight your financial modeling experience and education could cause your resume to be ignored or passed over quickly.

Next, you will want to ensure that you are networking. Using your network to get the word out that you are looking for a job in the
financial modeling field can be a key factor in helping your find the job you are looking for. Don’t be afraid to pass out your card, call up those you have networked with in the past, or use social media to help you.

Lastly, make sure you are going on interviews and ready for an interview in a moment’s notice.  Being ready for an interview and knowing facts about the company you are interested in working for can be a great way to show your motivation and knowledge.  Be sure to know a few key facts about a company before you head to an interview.  Knowing something about the company and why you want to work there can
help the interview go smoothly and show how detail-oriented and professional you can be as a future employee.


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