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Getting Your Financial Modeling Promotion

Feel you are ready for that next step in your career? If you are ready for that next step, and hoping for a promotion in financial modeling, it is best to get on the path ahead of time. If you are hoping to get that next big promotion, now is the time to prepare your career for it. Here are some tips:

Update the higher-ups – The higher-ups in your organization are typically the ones that make the decision about promotions. If you are vying for a financial modeling promotion, updating the higher-ups on projects and things around the company, including what you are working on specifically, will help you be in the lime-light and be seen for your talents.  This is a great way to ensure your name is considered when it’s time for that promotion.

Make Your Boss Look Great – Your boss will play a part in recommending you or not for any possible financial modeling promotions. If you are hoping for a promotion within your company then one of the best things you can do is make your boss look good. This means doing your job well and providing quality financial modeling products.  In return for making your boss look good, your boss will remember this and likely recommend you for a promotion.

Market Yourself Everywhere – As you continue to work within the financial modeling department or on your production team, you will also want to market your work and yourself all around your company.  Though it is informal marketing, per se, you need to talk yourself up through the company to ensure that your name is out there when any potential financial modeling promotions are discussed. You can’t get a promotion if people don’t know who you are and that you are interested in moving up within the financial modeling field.

Marketing Yourself for Your Next Financial Modeling Promotion

Trying to get where you want to go in a company, especially a big company, can take some strategic career planning.  Sitting on the side lines and doing your job isn’t always all that is necessary to move up the ladder.  A little self-marketing can go a long way in securing your next financial modeling promotion.  Follow some of these tips for self-marketing to help you meet your goals.

Give your boss regular progress reports.  This can be an excellent way to show what you are doing and give your boss something to refer to when thinking about who might be right for the next job.  Regular communication with your boss keeps your performance in front of him or her. Don’t forget to use charts and graphs. They are easy to read and refer to and will look professional.

Make your boss look good too.  Making your boss look good too will make you look good to your boss. This is possible by giving timely and professional communication and reports to your boss as well as meeting or beating deadlines and quotas. A good financial modeling employee will make his or her boss look good and in turn his whole department.

Market yourself to others, not just your boss.  Yes, you may want to continue to work in your financial modeling department or on your team, but that does not mean that you shouldn’t go out and let others know what you are up to and what is going well.  Though you will likely want to keep this to informal self-marketing, there is no reason you cannot talk yourself up to other in you company. You never know who might be listening and what they have to offer.

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