Why Hire a CFMS?

Shaking HandsContinuing education shows a dedication and desire to do well, to go above and beyond, and to better oneself. As an employer, hiring a Certified Financial Modeling Specialist (CFMS) ensures that the fundamental groundwork has been laid, and that a very niche and targeted education has been gained.

Through the hours of studying, completion of the strategic project to test application, and successful passing of the exam, CFMS holders show their strong work ethic and prove that they are knowledgeable in investment banking.

As an employer looking to certify employees, there are five main benefits:

  • We offer group and enterprise training packages for groups of 2-10 professionals (20% off) and 10+ professionals (25% off). We also partner with large investment banks, hedge funds, and media companies that would like to train 100+ clients or team members on an ongoing basis through our program.
  • Our program begins with financial modeling fundamentals and terms, and then advances throughout the book and videos to more complex materials. This progression allows professionals from all different areas and industries to join and benefit from the training.
  • Our program is a direct investment in the knowledge assets of your company and in many cases is a tax write-off.
  • Since our program is 100% online, your employees will not need to miss a single day of work to complete this training program, saving hundreds of dollars of lost work time due to travel or out-of-office time to attend conferences or in-person seminars.
  • Our program requires an 80% passing rate between the project and examination. This is a challenging program, so you can either evaluate team members based on their grades or reimburse only those employees who have not only enrolled in our program but successfully passed our examination as well.

The most unique benefit of our program is the online training platform. Participants and alumni alike have life-time access to the online training videos and audio resources. Our team has invested over 200 hours and $150,000 in this platform, and we continue to upload new video resources here each month.