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Why You Need an Internship to Get a Financial Modeling Job

The job market today is highly competitive. If you are just joining the workforce, or planning a career change, one of the best ways to get a job is to have some experience in the field of financial modeling. An internship is one of the best ways to get this experience.

On-the-Job Training – The biggest benefit to an internship is the on-the-job training it provides. Many times an intern is given the opportunity to work on a wide-variety of projects and gain diversified experience.

Networking – An internship can provide an excellent opportunity for networking. Even if you do not get a full-time job at the company with which you intern, you may make some networking contacts that may lead to a future financial modeling job.

Resume Builder – There is nothing worse than looking for a job with a resume in hand that has no relevant financial modeling experience. An internship can provide you with relevant experience to help you build your resume.

Finding a financial modeling job can be challenging. Working as a financial modeling intern can be an excellent way to gain experience and help lead to potential future financial modeling employment.

4 Things to Do When Working as a Financial Modeling Intern

There are a few things you will want to keep in mind as you begin your financial modeling internship.  Being chosen for a coveted internship opportunity, it is important to make the most of your internship. Here are a few things to ensure you take full advantage of your financial modeling internship opportunity.

Make Friends – It is important to make friends, not just in your peer group, but also in other age groups. Don’t just think you are there for yourself and alienate yourself from the other interns. It is important to learn from others and glean as much knowledge about the job as you can.

Ask for Feedback – Be sure to check in with your supervisor regularly to ask for feedback on your performance. You want to learn what you can do better and what you are doing that others see as good. Asking for feedback shows you are serious about the job and that you want to learn the job and make improvements where you can.

Figure out how things Work – You will want to ensure that you understand how the company works and the ways of the office in order to best work for the company. Your superiors as well as colleagues will appreciate that you learn the ropes, understand the processes, and make an effort to follow standards and guidelines.

Be Appreciative – Getting a financial modeling internship, especially one that had a lot of competition for the openings, is an opportunity. Do not forget to thank those that helped you get the position and those that help you keep the position. You want to thank people for the knowledge they share and their help when they provide it. You will be surprised how far a simple thank you can get you.

Have You Considered a Financial Modeling Internship?

An internship is an outstanding way to acquire financial modeling experience. If you plan to change careers to financial modeling, or you are just getting out of school, an internship is a wonderful way to gain some valuable experience for your resume.

Depending upon your needs and the availability of internships in your area, you will need to choose whether a paid or non-paying internship is for you. In most cases, an unpaid internship is easier to find and secure; however, this is more like volunteer work but can give you a variety of experience to help you land a job in the financial modeling field.

Paid internships are the most sought after and traditionally employ college seniors or new college graduates.  Commonly, these internships are with bigger companies and typically can lead to an offer of employment by the company should your internship experience be successful.

If you are hoping to find a job in the field of financial modeling, then an internship may be the right fit for you. No matter which internship type you choose, it can give you some good experience to include on your resume and, hopefully, lead you toward a job in financial modeling.

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