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Don’t Do These Things – Financial Modeling Career Blunders

Being a professional in the field of financial modeling brings with it many important decisions.  One of the most important decisions you will make is how to handle yourself in your career. In financial modeling, professionalism is a key to success. Keeping in mind some of these career blunders can help you stay focused on the right path to financial modeling success.

Don’t Do These Things:

Be reactive – You will have lots of decision to make on a daily basis in financial modeling. Being reactive instead of proactive can cause you all kinds of trouble. Being reactive can be a quick way to find yourself without a plan and possibly without a job.

Get too comfortable – Getting too comfortable with your job can find you on the street looking for a new financial modeling job.  When you get too comfortable with your job, you become apathetic, meaning you are no longer full of the energy and ideas that you probably once brought to the table. In financial modeling, it is important to stay on top of your game, update your skills, and try new things. If you get too comfortable, you are likely to keep sliding by with what has worked in the past and this is not the best way to succeed and move your career forward.

Make irrational decisions – Don’t make an emotional decision. Hasty decisions are often the decisions that you will regret later. When making professional decisions in the workplace, it is important to leave your emotions behind and think out the situation rationally.

Wing it – Winging it isn’t exactly the best plan of action for a stellar showing at work. As a financial modeling professional, you will want to show that you have a plan and can take on any job professionally. We all have our moments of unpreparedness, where we are blindsided by a presentation or a last minute brief; however, when possible, being prepared is the best plan.

Whether you have been working in the field for many years, or just starting out, it is imperative to be aware of these career blunders and don’t do these things. Being aware, and avoiding these pitfalls, can help you succeed in the financial modeling field.

3 Career Mistakes to Consider in the Financial Modeling Field

Whether you are new to the financial modeling field or just getting started, if you want to be successful and stay successful in your field, you want to develop your career path. In order to develop your career path, you want to avoid these common career mistakes.

Not finding a mentor – It may not seem important but it truly is. Finding a mentor is one of the best things you can do for your financial modeling career. In addition, not finding a mentor can lead to a difficult road. Having a good mentor can help you plan your career, network within your field, and give you great sources of questions and issues to help you navigate your career.

Being a one-man show – Committing career suicide typically begins with an “all about me” attitude. A quick way to end your financial modeling career is to be self-absorbed and not a team player. It is vital to be conscious of the overall plan of the company for which you work as well as look out for the best interest of the company not just your personal career.

Getting too comfortable – Another common career mistake that many people do not realize is a career mistake until it’s too late is getting too comfortable in your job. If you do not seek out additional responsibilities and continually challenge yourself, you may find yourself passed over for promotion or without a job before you realize. As a financial modeling professional, it is important to keep challenging yourselves and not get too comfortable with your current job.

There are many things you can do to shorten your financial modeling career. However, avoiding these three career mistakes can help you stay on the right track for a successful career in financial modeling.


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